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Sun Salutations

Join us for Sun Salutations for Dollars.  Register and dowload your form and start speaking to your friends and family about sponsorship today.  The Yogathon is much like a walk-a-ton or a swim-a-thon, before you begin collecting sponsors, decide how many sun salutations you will be able to do and then your sponsors will decide how much they would like to give per sun salutation, or they may choose to give you a set amount.  Please collect the money from your sponsors before the event, they know you can do it, and it will mean your commitment to the Yogathon is over as soon as you complete your pledge.

The Yogathon for Art for Empowerment is a 24-hour event and you can come and participate at any time.  We encourage you to do your Sun Salutations after midnight. Check our schedule for available times.  What a memorable way to spend a Saturday night!

How many Sun Salutations can you do?  Be ambitious but don’t over do it. You can always complete them in more than one timeslot and you can go as slowly as you need.  You can also choose whichever type of sun salutation you normally do. 

As a participant, you must register to validate your pledge form and to select your preferred time-slot for doing your sun salutations.

Sun salutations, or Surya Namaskara, are a series of 12 basic yoga postures that flow together in coordination with the breath. Most forms of yoga include some variation of this sequence in their practices, thus making them a common ground for practitioners of different styles.

In the same way that the postures flow together in sequence, the Yogathon participants praciticing them will flow together for 24 consecutive hours. Experienced teachers and practitioners will be available to teach anyone who is interested how to do sun saluations in an appropriate way for their experience and fitness levels.


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